Vita Community Service annual report
Vita Community Service is a non-profit organization that competes with much larger players in a complicated space - community living and community services in the Differently Abled community.

They requested an abstract, attention grabbing idea for the cover, and with the Ancaster Pope team, we came up with an idea to represent unique energy frozen in time - a snapshot, to convey the ever changing yet constant environment of their assisted services.

I designed the report to show vital, required information in easy to read formats, broken up by some images of the people that Vita Community Services had helped from that year. Not only did this make the report more human and easier to digest, it also gave several people who make use of these services a moment in the spotlight.

All graphs, tables, charts, and elements were drawn by myself and the team that worked on the report. The report ended


2 months conceptual
4 months overall

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