Friends of Mens Sana
Every year, the Friends of Mens Sana organization does a fundraising charity event, that discusses their events, their mission, and their progress. They raise money from local community businesses, unions, and individuals to help continue their work.

Each year has a different theme and look. One thing that's often missing from mental health awareness is how widespread it is - to the point that even great individuals in history suffered from mental illnesses. I had creative control of the project, and used that as a centrepiece in creating this program.

Everything was considered when trying to ensure the finished project would have a visual impact that matched the focus. The heavy usage of dark, nearly black green causes the reader to feel slightly uneasy. The big, block lettering creates a sudden, dramatic impact. The slight tv-grain style texture makes the page look worn out and fuzzy.

The research phase was done by me and another member of our team. We found celebrities, impactful individuals, and tried to ensure we had Canadian icons who suffered included as well. When the project is viewed as a whole, it conveys the gravity of mental illness as well as achievements those who have been impacted have achieved.


2 months conceptual
4 months overall

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