CX Elevated Infographic
Each year, InMoment hosts a conference for their current and prospective clients in Salt Lake City, Utah. In order to entice clients and prospects to attend, they wanted a readable, eye catching infographic that matched the branding we had come up with for the conference.

I used content provided by our marketing team, design elements we had created ourselves, and supplied text to create an infographic that captured the most important aspects of the conference for large businesses in North America.

The graphic was used on the InMoment blog, the CX Elevated website, and in some industry news articles as the event grew closer. InMoment had record attendance, filling a larger venue than usual and came away with signed new clients, happy existing clients, and a talked about event in the industry.

Pre-existing brand elements
New vector shapes and photographic elements
Last minute additions and approval process

1 week

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