Tesco signed a new agreement with InMoment in 2018, and part of the deal was a redesign of their surveys with modernized branding and an aesthetic more in line with their current website and brand. The timelines were short, but I was given brand guidelines and instructed to match everything possible to their branding, and fall back to InMoment best practices when it wasn't possible. I delivered a complete desktop and mobile mockup in under a week. With minimal changes, I was able to customize their survey with html and css to meet their deadline.

Rapid deployment of custom graphics quickly became a specialty that our team handled. Large comnpanies often have short timelines and strict brand identities, and my role often required satisfying both of these requirements while also providing art direction, samples, and direct client communication.


1 week conceptual
1 week development

The Live Survey

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Designed and built from scratch. All HTML is original, except the html suggested to use with specific parts of javascript. Mixitup javascript by Kunka Labs. StickyJS by Anthony Garand. Fancybox by Fancyapps.